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  • Vicksburg Football Program 2023

    Vicksburg Football Program 2023

    2023 Vicksburg Football Program K-12
  • Football Practice!

    Football Practice!

  • 2021 & 2022 Undefeated Season 5/6 Tackle

    2021 & 2022 Undefeated Season 5/6 Tackle

    2021, 2022, 2023 - Undefeated Season x3
    Head Coach Craig Lomason
  • Flag Players in Action!

    Flag Players in Action!


VRF Saturdays- Grab a Coffee & Donut before the game

Start your Football Saturdays with a Gourmet Specialty Coffee Drink or Smoothies

The BIG Team Picture- Monday August 28th

Attention ALL Vicksburg Football Players- Flag thru Tackle, Kindergarten thru Varsity. Come together for one BIG Photo op.


Jul 29,2023 | 

When will flag football practices be? What about games?

 - Conditioning starts Aug 14, team practices will begin the week after.  Click "read more" for more details....

Jul 29,2023 | 

When will Tackle practices be? What about games?

 - Heads Up conditioning begins August 14 and team practice starts the following week.  Click "read more" for more details...

Jul 05,2023 | 

Tackle Coaches Deadline coming up July 14th

 - Interested in coaching tackle football this fall?

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